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Bitsee Gift Card Return Policy

  1. Content Purchase Refunds
    • All Sales Final: All content purchases made with a Bitsee Card are considered final. If a consumer is dissatisfied with a content purchase, they must contact the respective publisher directly for a refund. Publisher contact information can be found in the Bitsee transaction record. Contact if any assistance is required in locating that information.  
    • Publisher Refunds: If the publisher approves a refund, the corresponding amount of Bitsees will be credited back to the consumer’s Bitsee Card.
  1. Bitsee Card Refund
    • Account Closure: If a consumer wishes to receive a refund of the remaining balance on their Bitsee Card, they must initiate the process by closing their Bitsee account. To initiate an account closure, please email Bitsee at
    • Irreversible Action: Closing an account is irreversible. Upon closure, the consumer forfeits the ability to make further content purchases using their Bitsee Card. A nominal fee may be applied depending on how the refund is processed.
  1. General Terms
    • Participating Publishers Only: Bitsee Cards are only valid for use at participating publishers. Ensure the publisher supports Bitsee before making a purchase.
    • Review Before Purchase: Consumers are encouraged to review and assess content before making a purchase, as all sales are final.

Note: This return policy is subject to change without prior notice. Consumers are advised to review the policy periodically for any updates.

Last Updated: 12/20/23